Friday, 27 May 2016

How to avoid blacklisting of your website!


Some of the factors that may black list your website are not adhering to Google's policy of content, not purchasing links from appropriate vendors and networks and not adhering to the Google’s webmaster policy. The unique factor that highlights the truth about Google is that it is evolving all the time, modifying their algorithms every day to filter out spammers, and penalize people for their mistakes. Their updates for sophisticated software, policies and applications cause a major shift in search engine ranking. Your website ranking instantly goes down if you make a slight mistake. Google punishes you for following things:

1.       Content Marketing

Google is always efficient, smarter and improving algorithms all the time. In past it was possible to write an article, spin various versions of it and submitting it to multiple websites that exchanged content free of cost for a link back to your website. Article marketing was popular and practiced in the past where you would take a blog, create variations via spinning it and get many links back to the post. Google would consider those variations as unique piece of content and would not impose penalty for a spam content. As Google has become smarter and more intelligent than before, with their improved and sophisticated algorithms content is sniffed out and it is easy for Google to detect spam. Googles’ intelligence to rule out spam does not block your writing for other websites rather it has established the vogue of Guest blogging that is the effective way of building your own blog. Guest blogging offers you an opportunity to compile unique content for trusted sites. With Google ignorance is a sin!  If you don’t adhere to the policy and break the rules, you pay the penalty or face the consequences. Google story ends here!

2.      Link building & Link buying

Google’s policy for link building rules out legit techniques that are considered as ‘white hat’ and ‘natural’ and are considered best practices by Google. Google rewards natural, organic and editorial links that are high in quality, do not stand in isolation from high quality product, website or service. Google discards all un natural or manufactured links and never likes to count them at all. Google ranks the links higher that are not classed as spam and are natural, popular and drive traffic more than the links that are classified as spam and are un natural to your website.  According to Googolplex a manipulative link is considered as spam. Google would not consider grey hat linking that would be declared black hat linking by google tomorrow. Google considers off page SEO that is of high scale, popular and natural. Google Penguin Update tells you to earn ranking based on uniqueness and merit or be punished for your black hat or grey hat techniques. Google’s panda update dealing with low quality pages actually deals with low quality links. For a long time health of your business it is imperative to build your site better, richer in content and the best user experience it can offer to users. Do not adopt old school link building techniques nor buy cheaper links from unknown or black SEO vendors. Black hat SEO firms would promise you higher rank in search engines. The links that you purchase for free or at lower costs are spammy, from disreputable sites and social networking accounts. Such unhealthy business deal would only hurt you not help you at all. Some of the SEO companies claim they are smarter and will never be found out by Google, their claim might be true for some time but always remember google is evolving and now in 2016 google is going to catch you and might black list your site for links purchases from un predictive spam SEO companies.

3.      Word Link  Directories

Don’t misunderstand link directories, as these used to play an important piece of campaign to launch a new website in the past but now a days Google looks at the web consisting of neighborhood. If your blog is mentioned as trusted and authentic, you are a part of ‘good neighborhoods’ in the eyes of Google. If your blog contains bad or weak links that come from junk sites, you are a part of ‘bad neighborhoods’. If your blog is legitimate and ranks well in Google but you associate your website to a ‘bad neighborhoods’, you are penalized for bad association. This does not imply that all directories are bad or junk repositories, submitting your blog to a highly targeted directory which is reviewed by actual human being will be a top-notch point for your business as you are surrounded by a various valuable, healthy sites.

4.      Keyword Stuffing

Google’s top concern is unique user experience and if Google or other search engines provide content that has over stuffing of keywords, people would stop using Google search over the internet. Google actually penalizes for content plagiarism, keyword stuffing and hyper density of keywords. Brevity is the soul of wit but brevity does not allow repetition of keywords or phrases therefore the best tip for you is to compile content for your website that is unique, satisfying the search quest of the user and not keyword stuffed.

5.      Natural Anchor Text

For best and healthy websites it is important that if you are using links for your website, try to deploy anchor text that is user friendly and not same as same anchor text tell the google that you are trying to doge the system and chances are high that you will be penalized at some point in the future.


To be updated and to be at guard check Google Web-master tool once or twice a year to review your site, to update all broken links, to avoid keyword stuffing , to determine keyword frequency according to the updated Google policy. 

Thursday, 26 May 2016

How to optimize your website for smart & efficient search engines!

Search Engine Optimization 

Search Engine refers to smart, efficient and efficient softwares such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. When ever a user needs information in the form of content, viedo, software, audio or an image, he/she opts for either Google, Yahoo or Bing to find answer to his/her query. The search engines take the information and display listed text or Urls for various websites. These results may spread to many pages, the user experience is unique and the users prefer to select top listed websites that appear on the first page. Optimization is not an academic subject, rather it is a mind game to technique to create a website that has to compete millions of other similar website.Optimization stands for mind techniques, intelligence and technology orientation to apply them. Some of the common search engine techniques are mention here for website owners who are new or unfamiliar of the search engine optimization.

  1. Create Content that is highly special or informative.  As content is the King and what search engine look for is content of web page and listed urls of multiple websites having similar content. There are some techniques which are unique and legal that marketing gurus opt for. Some of them refer to following
  • Title: The title tag of your website is very important and the first thing that search engines look for is "Title" For best search engine practices always use title that is compact, brief, descriptive and summarize the whole content of your website.
  • Key words Search engines usually read the page and look for keywords, best search engine optimizers take great care of keywords, their density, frequency&r prominence 
  • Remember that hyper stuffing of keywords would spoil your text and may black list your content for spam or text sniffing. Frequency would determine the keyword placement in the text. Do not ever overlap or overuse keywords as it would not only spoil the coherence, also undermine the look of your website. Repetitions in the text annoy users greatly therefore let your user enjoy your text and let your search engine send spiders naturally to rank your text higher in the search results.
  • Don't copy and paste text from other 's websites as plagiarism is theft and your website might be block listed because of this criminal activitly. As the crawlers  surf through various pages of your website or different websites to check the similarity of the text. Search engines use sophisticated softwares, called crawlers and similarity checking tools to rule out copied stuff. You might be thinking to use techniques of placing hidden text or white invisible text in the web page but still this technique is illegal and is used to doge search engines, it does not bring ever lasting fruits for your business. 
  • Use On page optimization techniques like creating content using HTML code for your text, videos and graphics. On page optimization is effective and brings desired ranking in the sight of search engines as well as unique user experience. 
  • Off Page optimization techniques require developing back-links and hyper-links pointing your site from other websites. 


Search engine optimization is very vast and involves rigorous labor, knowledge and skills for tech sways. To achieve desired higher ranking in all search engines, socialize your web page on social media, use keywords in meta- tags and post content frequently and update weekly or bi-weekly. You can be SEO GURU of your own web page , if you apply SEO skills intelligently.